The Year of the Car

The model is shaping up to be one of the most aggressive and competitive model years for auto manufacturers. Many companies are rolling out large fleets of new, redesigned and concept vehicles in an attempt to capture the attention of an increasingly selective auto consumer. Ford is one company who has spent billions of dollars in order to deliver a large line-up of new vehicles with the hopes of drawing eyes and buyers to them.
Dubbed “The Year of the Car”, will see Ford releasing 40 new vehicles and 1 crossover through their Ford, Lincoln and Mercury brands. The hype and media advertising for these new vehicles has been so dominant and ever-present that Ford had the media and the public wondering if they could really live up to their promises.

With the start of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Ford has silenced all doubts. In a press conference that felt more like an extravagant circus event than a vehicle release, Ford proudly displayed the vehicles that are ready to take on the foreign manufacturers and win back the hearts of American drivers.
Cadillac SevilleThe all-new, anniversary Mustang growls onto the scene with a 300 hp, 24-valve MOD v-8 or 200 hp SOHC v-6 engine, improved handling and a completely redesigned interior and exterior. The Freestyle, Ford’s car-based crossover vehicle that provides seating for 7 and all-wheel-drive capability. Ford’s Five Hundred luxury sedan delivers all the characteristics of an SUV with the ride and style of a sedan including command seating, interior size and comfort that competes with the likes of the BMW 7 Series and the Cadillac Seville, and superb driver and passenger safety. The most highly anticipated vehicle from Ford’s fleet is the GT, Ford’s 500 hp supercar. Ford is using this barrage of new, innovative, powerful and incredibly safe vehicles to accept the challenge placed on them by foreign automakers and they look forward to taking command of the American market. And this just from Ford. Lincoln-Mercury has been working to expand their current line-up with the addition of a compact SUV, luxury pick-up and concept convertible.

According to Jim Padilla, Ford Motor Company’s Executive Vice President “These vehicles are game changers that will redefine expectations about cars designed and built in North America”. Ford is delivering an array of product innovations, improved customer conveniences and state-of-the-art new manufacturing technologies.
Adding a new partnership with Volvo is one way that Ford is expanding and increasing its design and manufacturing capabilities. Volvo helps bring large car presence, command seating and all-wheel drive to the midsize Ford Five Hundred and Freestyle crossover while Ford maintained its focus on providing improved performance engines with better fuel economy and lower emissions.

The magic that Ford is making seems to be working. They spent billions on revamping, revolutionizing and reintroducing their already successful F-150 truck. In the few months since its introduction to the consumer market, the F-150 has harvested several awards and accolades. Motor Trend named the F-150 its Truck of the Year and it also took home North American Truck of the Year at the auto show in Detroit. The latest success of this truck is continuing its long running record as the best selling vehicle in America this time for the 22nd year.
Impressive as this many seem, just wait until you see the complete line-up of completely new or restyled vehicles just biting at the bit to hit dealership floors and American roads. Let’s the games begin!

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